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Dragon · of · Twilight

Book of Stars

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Galis is up yet another age category (on the 25th which it is here!). Great Wyrm Galis will one day be a reality!

*does the birthday dragon dance*

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I have one of these things.

Well, hrm! Hi everyone, I am sorta slow on social mediums ;)

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Clear nights for three days in a row, but now 100% overcast =/ Looks like I won't get to see the eclipse.
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How to Vory-Sue!

1) Pick a universe from an existing fictional setting, often video games.
2) Determine the 'top predator' of this universe. If fantasy this is usually dragons, if sci-fi, the zerg/tyranid equivilant.
3) Your character should always pred on #2 and have developed without any predators of their own. This positions your character entirely outside any possible food chain, establishing you as the biggest baddest beings around.
4) Your character ignores why most large predators avoid eachother (namely, injuries suffered by even the winner are likely to make such a diet ultimately a failure for survival), because they never get seriously hurt hunting the universe's most dangerous creatures.
5) If the setting is 'low fantasy' or 'human-centric sci-fi' your character is the reason all the big beasts are now extinct.
6) Moral quandaries are for other races. Your character thinks nothing of whether or not the prey is sentient.
7) Moral quandaries are for other races. Your character is somehow noble despite 1-6, and anyone fighting against their behavior is immoral for trying to kill a sentient being 'just trying to survive'.
8) Now go eat the main character of #1, whom you supposedly hate ever since /lore item/ totally changed them from how they were supposed to be, and you don't care about the character any more, yet you're making all this to... show how much you don't care about them any more.
* * *
This Halloween brought to you by Jacel!

Now go eat candy.

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Happy hatchingday to llyander! May you have a day filled with bitings on cakes, and not me!
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Be back Monday night!
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My dad was at the hardware store and saw some stain and decided then and there he was gonna re-stain the deck today. So when he gets home, he doesn't even come inside, he just leans in the door and yells "I need you to come stain the deck right now!", and of course this is the first I've heard of this plan. This is pretty much how it works when his dad is home. He sees something he wants to do or thinks he wants to do, and it becomes a MUST DO RIGHT NOW priority no matter what it is. And if he waits he changes his mind or forgets about it =P There's no "We're gonna stain the deck next week", just "I saw some stain so we're gonna stain the deck right now, damn any other plans or the weather or anything". It's why I'm so stressed all the time even though I don't have much work to actually do - every single minute they're around, it's like being on call in an emergency hospital because nothing is planned, everything is instaneous "life or death" emergencies that just suddenly pop up. Without the ability to know when my free time is or how long it will be, it doesn't matter how MUCH of it I have, because I can't -commit- it to anything.

It's hard to explain to them. It's not that I don't want to help, I -do-. I'm perfectly happy to do whatever errands or chores they want me to do. But I can't stand feeling like I'm always ten seconds away from having to drop everything I'm doing and go run off, for something that makes no difference when it's done. I just want the ability to know "I am working now" and "I have free time now", not this "I have an amount of free time between 1 minute and 6 hours but I have no idea how much, so don't make any plans that last longer than 1 minute at a time".

The effect has been I do -nothing- but sit around, really, because that's the only thing I can do and be ready to 'get up and go' at an instant's notice. It's also the primary reason I stay awake later than I should, even after they're done making noise and I can go to bed - it's the only time I feel like I can take a breath and not worry about the amount of time something will take (which of course hurts my sleep even more, heh).
* * *
Ugh I hate how little sleep I get and how scattered it is. Here is the base problem: I'm a light sleeper, and also take an unusual amount of time (around 2 hours) to fall asleep once I go to bed; if I go to bed at midnight I generally start sleeping sometime around 2 am, etc.

My dad goes to bed around 11-midnight. He usually watches TV - RIGHT outside my room, with the volume up since he can't hear it very easily. Plus I usually tend towards night activity myself. Combined, that basically means I'm not able to even -try- to sleep until midnight, so the earliest I'm falling asleep is 2 am.

My mom gets up around 4:30-5:30. She goes to bed around 7-8 pm. She makes a TON of noise when she first gets up, and often has yelling-loud conversations with my dad, because neither hears well now. Naturally this means this is when I wake too. Then after about two hours my dad goes back to bed and naps/re-sleeps. Because of how long it takes me to fall asleep this strategy doesn't work for me, so I just get up.

This means the average night I get 2-3 hours of sleep, and this is a -regular- thing. It's the biggest contributor to why I've gotten so frazzled here, and why when my dad is away and my mom -doesn't- slam everything she can find, I end up sleeping 14 hours on a single day and then having huge headaches from too much sleep at once.
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How do they fit so many gnomes with all those hammers in one dragon's head?

Ow ow ow. Leave my precious brains alone, migraine gnomes!

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Birthday time for pinkpuppybelly Bloodhound! Dragons, assemble and go rawr at her!

Happy birthday, Miss Barkbark!

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Happy birthday to palshife_sakura! *ties purple ribbons all over her*
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Running a fever lately. Keeping well-hydrated, and aside from feeling really tired and a bit dizzyish and stomache-aching, I don't feel bad.

I am, however, sweating like crazy, especially nights. I sweated so much last night my sheets reached the max they could absorb and it just puddled around me. But since it was actually cool in the room, that puddle got kinda cold.

Trying to sleep in a shallow puddle of cold liquid is surprisingly difficult.

* * *
Preceeded by a 1 =P

Fell down the stairs, landing on my knee and then twisting and slipping down about four steps to end up on my belly. Got my kneecap something fierce, and took the skin off a hand sized region from rugburn down deep enough it's bleeding a good bit, yech.

And didn't spill the glass of soda I had in my hand, except for a few drops.

Unsure if this is epic win or epic fail >..< This had better be the best diet coke ever.

* * *
Happy Birthday to Kissy-Taro! May your candles not ignite in your muzzle!

*hunts for Chameleon Dragon to give them smooches, but as always, they're camoflauged!*

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I think since I talk about game design a lot with friends, I'll start posting my thoughts here.

How questing became grindingCollapse )

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Happy birthday to fuzzy black panferpillar! Wiggle around! Eat those leaves! ^..^
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28 shouldn't feel this old! Probably just because I'm still not doing anything, heeh.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

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So for the last fourty five minutes my parents sat in my room making fun of me, pulling my hair, poking me in the back, and otherwise acting like I was two years old and they had to 'goo goo gah gah' baby talk me for fun.

It was surreal, bizzare, and infinitely annoying.

* * *
* * *
Operation: Eat a Piece of Bread

Summary: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Mission: About 25% successful.

Casualties: Every dang nerve cell on the right side of my body (no idea why the pain refers right).

I'm soooooo ready for this to be over. Gonna make myself a cheesecake and eat a steak and heck, even some cheesy potatoes. HUNGRY!

Current Mood:
distressed distressed
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Got heavy acid burns down my entire throat, due to a genetic issue with my stomach valve combined with a stress-related acid reflux. I'm taking wrinkled, mutilated flesh burns with blistering along the line of 2nd-degree heat burns, not 'slightly pink' sunburns.

The positive side is the throat is so high-bloodflow, it will heal in a week or so. The downside is for a week, even drinking water is /agonizing/, let alone eating anything, and local painkillers don't last long enough to be useful (because of the bloodflow again).

This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. The first time was also in this past year, go figure. All I can think about is how hungry I am (From not eating), and how much everything hurrrrrrts.

* * *
Man, I managed to get past every holiday this year, even Valentine's and my birthday, without feeling bad. But man have I got a bad case of the new year's blues.
* * *
Just because I've been playing Sword of the Stars, and had three games in a row now where I was crippled beyond chance of recovery in the early game. Was it a quick raiding rush by my enemy? Did I provoke a larger empire? Did I research zombie plague and unleash it upon myself?

Nope. I failed a die roll of "Do not lose instantly".

Randomness, risk, and reward in computer gamingCollapse )

* * *
Just a simple Merry Christmas to everyone. Nothing says you can't enjoy the day in your own way and let others have theirs.
* * *
* * *
jacel and velos head home today! Was a fun week with lots of board games and hiking. I wish them both a safe trip indeed. Jacel is a silly guy like me, but less annoying probably, and Velos is very steadfast. Yes, I suck at creative compliments ;)

Also Hastur, you test my love for you with your crazy clue cost hike! Why can't you be more like Ithqua who sorta just lets us have our way with him?
* * *
Going off for a trip with velos and jacel tomorrow afternoon! Will be back in a week, so you all take care and don't eat eachother while I'm gone.
* * *
Family is...
A bit exhasperating, just due to the unplannable 'everything is an emergency' mood.

Job is...
Still on hold. Sign forms every few weeks, wait for more forms.

Sleep is...
Filled with dreams of running naked through Wallmart.

Food is...
Pumpkiny. Started making pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving, it's good.

Politics are...
Tiring. I'm one of those ebil baby-eating conservatives you hear about on the news.

Games are...
Uninteresting or impossible. Not much into multiplayer right now. Find an old single player game and be reminded why I switched to digital download so much: "Please enter CD key for a game 10 years old. You kept the manual/jewel case for 10 years right?" I started writing CD keys on the CD's a few years back,but it's not there for all of them, and doesn't help with "Insert install disk 4 of 6" when I have 1,2,3,5 and 6!

Minis are...
In progress. Working on a tank, but I need some more magnets to pull it off. Got the new Skaven book. I dunno, I prefer the old Screaming Bell model, though the Plague Furnace variation is awsome looking. Warmachine/Hordes' latest releases have been uncharacteristically boring.

Roleplaying is...
Slow. The new Draconomicon: Metallics is out. Chromatics was a better book IMO. Other than that just going through my huge pile of WOD books again (I got almost every book in the new Vampire, Mage and Werewolf lines for $50 a few years back. Not $50 each, total. It's a scary big stack).
* * *
Huuuuuungry dragon.

What can I eat without getting dizzy from pain?

Chicken: nope
Bread: nope
Soup: nope
chicken soup: nope
tomato soup: nope
yogurt: Sort of. Only plain non-fruit varieties (the little fruit bits cause my chest to start spasming), and only if I mix it about 50/50 with water.

Can only drink water too and only in small sips.

Man I want some nice hot spicy mongolian BBQ right now. They just don't have any in the South at all, bah. Of course I would probably die from shock if I actually tried to eat it with my throat this way, but rrrm, hungry and want something tasty!

::gnomgnom on gryphons::

* * *
Cold sores suck. Getting them on my gums or lips stings.

Having a huge polyp of them erupt in my throat is so agonizing that my right shoulder and pec is sore from wincing-tensing every time I try to swallow even plain water. Rrgggg.

* * *
* * *